Monday, May 13, 2019

Management. Managing Organisation Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Management. Managing Organisation - Assignment ExampleMany renowned individuals with disparate sets of personality traits manage their companies, handle the situations and operate in highly competitive world daily in a way that inspires their pile. What is it in their personalities that makes them influence run of an formations in a way that makes any sidereal day count and motivates and drives their provide to achieve more and strive for more? There is good news for every manager to be or every one that is in a management position already. You do not have to be born an excellent manager but you can learn from others, inform yourself on a subject of successful management and use principles that are recommended by specialists in the field. And as importantly you can gain experience and learn from failures. Lets examine how personality of pack Dyson, engineer by education, British inventor, founder and CEO of the Dyson company, affects daily run of his business. In one of his consultation J. Dyson says that people have huge advantage if they are capable of being radical (Dyson, 2011). J. Dyson goes on to explain how he challenges accepted way of doing things with his team of scientists. Throughout the interview he emphasizes importance of innovations, ability of work smart, perseverance and being willing to take risks. To the question, Did you have help in the beginning?, J. Dysons resultant role starts with words people are important (Dyson, 2011).... To the question, Did you have help in the beginning?, J. Dysons serve up starts with words people are important (Dyson, 2011). It shows that J. Dyson values people and wants to help to them to develop desire to create, endurance to inaugurate and learn from failures for the sake of innovations. Its so important to him that he says that people ENGINEERING trouble 4 that are gonna survive . . . are people who can make something that works the best (Dyson, 2011). Its evident that the desire to innovate made him into who he is and he is passionate to share that desire with people on his team. J. Dyson has clear vision to innovate he is passionate about innovation and believes that future belongs to those who innovate and through innovations make world a better place. He transmits his vision and convictions in this regard to his staff and that serves as a great motivation and becomes driving force that unites people on his team. That is how he influences his organization daily. 2. Characteristics of management styles What about J. Dysons management style? Throughout interview he highlights several times importance of an order in improving prototypes of an invention. He considers that order to be essential to creating good invention. He also clearly describers order of applying for patent. Its clear he expects those working with him to abide by those guidelines. In other words J. Dyson sets clear performance standards and expectations, he also believes in implementing guides and in suring that rules are followed. Those are characteristics of a directive management style. At the same time Dyson articulates and communicates clear and appealing vision to his employees and scientists. Its a vision of improving quality of life and having

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